After-sale service


Repair process

Warranty service range

The company's products implement national 3 packets of regulations for products that meet the conditions of the warranty provides free repair, replacement and return service (in mainland China to buy products only). With the product effective serial number and the warranty card to enjoy the service, according to the company's delivery date to ensure a year of warranty.

The body parts of the warranty period are as follows:

Guarantee content

Guarantee time

Main battery, key, lamp

6 months

Main control board, car body line, switch, base, motor, handle component

12 months


In the warranty period, the following conditions are not free of maintenance, please note:

1. no damage caused by the installation or use of the instruction manual;

2. to delete or change the product serial number;

3. the product serial number of the product code or model of the product warranty card provided by the customer is not in conformity with the product itself;

4. My company product after the official authorized personnel dismantling or repair;

5. Does not affect the product function of natural wear (including shell, handle, gear box, tire wear, etc.);

6. Unexpected factors or improper use of product damage, such as mechanical damage, break down, impact, product serious oxidation, etc.;

7. Beyond the scope of use specified in the instruction manual, the damage caused by extreme sports and so on;

8. Damage caused by disassembly, transportation, loading and unloading in the customer's return route;

9. Any damage caused by non normal storage conditions, such as fire, liquid immersion, freezing, earthquakes, etc.;

10. Loss of wear accessories, such as packaging materials and all kinds of technical materials;

11. Other non product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by failure or damage.


For the failure of the warranty period of the product, we provide paid maintenance services.


Warranty Statement

1. the warranty terms apply only to the Shanghai new century robot Co., Ltd. sales of i-robot products, for the purchase of products that have not been authorized by the dealer or other channels, the company will not bear the warranty liability.

2. in order to protect your legal rights, please do not forget to buy the product when the seller to obtain the warranty card and certificate and other supporting documents

The final interpretation of the above matters to the Shanghai new century robot Co., ltd..